Legenda maken met LegendSVG

QGIS does not create a proper legend for maps with pie charts or circles with variable size. I wrote a program to produce legends in Scalable Vector Format (SVG). In the QGIS Composer, the result can be added to the map as an image. If necessary, the legend can first be modified with a SVG-editor like Inkscape.
Download the program here:
LegendSVG (Windows)
LegendSVG (Linux)

One thought on “Legenda maken met LegendSVG

    1. The program was compiled with Lazarus on openSUSE. That may be the reason why it does not work on Ubuntu. I also tried the program on Ubuntu, using the OSGeo-Live DVD, and I got the same error message.

  1. Hi,
    Thank you for this great tool ! I am working on a QGis plugin that relies heavily on diagram analysis, and I wonder if you would be ok to release the code of your application so that it can be integrated in QGis as a python plugin. Right now the only alternative is the Diagram Legend Plugin, which would be much better if it offered the same functionnalities as your application. I would be happy to contribute to this integration.


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