QGIS installeren via osgeo4w

Most of the Windows users will install QGIS via the so called ‘stand alone installer’ which they download from download.qgis.org. For most of the users this is the easiest and most well know way to install a desktop program.
But QGIS has another Windows install possibility. And that is a so called osgeo4w installation ( osgeo4w.osgeo.org ). osgeo4w stands for ‘Open Source Geo For Windows’, and s a full blown working environment for Windows users with almost all open source geo components and libraries. After installation there is one directory on you harddisk which contains all osgeo4w related programs and libraries. You can for example install QGIS, but als command line programs like ogr2ogr or gdalinfo. Het is even possible to run mapserver from within apache in this way.

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