Video: hoe maak je razendsnel kaarten met de PDOK Plugin en je eigen data in Qgis

On Eenvoudige PDOK services plugin voor QGIS (in Dutch) Richard already described how to use the PDOK plugin to connect to webservices of the Dutch PDOK infrastructure. This infrastructure offers nationwide and publicly available WMS, WFS and some tiling services of Dutch governments.

This video shows how to use the plugin to create a map of some GML data on PDOK services in just a few minutes (including installation of the plugin).

Python one-liners for adding wms, wmts, wfs layers

In the Netherlands, currently there is a movement to make more and more data available for the general public. This is done via different services: WMS, WMTS and WFS services via a service called PDOK (Publieke Data Op de Kaart).
While creating a plugin to list and load all those layers in QGIS I had to dive into the details of the different api-possibilities to add raster and vector layers to the map via the Python inteface.
Because I think this is generally helpfull, here is some code to try.

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Iets als lyr stijl bestand voor QGIS

Last weekend there was a user on the QGIS users list mailinglist asking the question if QGIS had something similar like the .lyr file in the ESRI world.
I knew that you could save and re-use the styling of a layer in QGIS by saving a style as a .qml style file. BUT I was not ware of the possibility to name it exactly the same as you data / shape file (and putting it next to it) to be automatically openened en used in QGIS.
It’s alway nice to learn and shate this little features: thanks Morten.