Kleurinstellingen voor WMS- en WMTS-kaartlagen

An advantage of using map services like WMS and WMTS is that your styling has been done by someone else. But this can turn into a disadvantage as well in case the colours of your overlay are similar to the colours in your remote base layer.
To show this I created an example using the Dutch Top10NL topographic map (WMTS) with my own random polygon layer in random colours on top of it. Because of the bright and colourful Top10NL my own features are hard to distinguish.
In QGIS master (soon QGIS 2.0) I discovered a new feature. For WMS and WMTS layers it is possible to adjust the colours. You can change brightness, saturation and contrast. It is also possible to display the layer in grayscale or adjust the colour (hue), for example to purples. (It’s still a matter of taste…)
Some examples:
adjusted brightness and contrast

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