QGIS en het KLIC

Just released a new version of the KLIC viewer plugin for QGIS.
This was neccesary because the format of the information received has changed a lot! Before it only included the information on pipelines in raster format. Now the information on pipelines delivered in XML can include information in vector format .
The KLIC viewer plugin shows the result that you receive when you do a call before you dig request in the Netherlands at the National Land Registration and Mapping office named Kadaster.
klicbericht_in_vectorLoaded in QGIS the result look like this: A map with network information of different types of cables and pipes.
Before you plan to dig mechanically, you have to register online at the kadaster where you want to dig. Kadaster collects all information from all net owners that have pipes or cables in the digging area. Next you will receive an email with the result where you can download you Zip-file that contains information like shown above.
klicviewer_enThe plugin looks pretty simple, some buttons to load the Zip-file and a list that can be used to open included documents as wel.
klicviewer_themes_enThe plugin also has a tab with themes, you can use it to quickly turn on or of many layers with a particular theme.
All best wishes for 2019 and have lot of  fun with QGIS!
Regards, Diethard

One thought on “QGIS en het KLIC

  1. Wij willen alleen de graafpolygonen (de .png file)importeren in QGIS om een overzichtskaart te maken van alle klic meldingen in een project. Hoe kunnen we dat het eenvoudigste voor elkaar krijgen.

  2. Ik begreep dat meerdere KLIC-meldingen tegelijk inspoelen voor nu niet kan, maar in de toekomst wel mogelijk is? daarnaast probeer ik de ingeladen melding naar QField te exporteren. Ik moet iets fout doen, want ik krijg de melding dat de lagen niet kunnen worden geladen? QGIS 3.12.0 overigens

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