Select by location: hoe zit dat met die opties?

Currently, there’s around 20 persons in Bucharest working on QGIS development during the Contributors Meeting. And because the name of the hackfest is changed from developers meeting to contributors meeting, I now feel welcome too (as a non-coding contributor).
So what can I do, as a non-coding QGIS fan? Write documentation! I just started with some documentation that I really thought should be better. I even used it as a (bad) example in a presentation at the FOSS4GNL, titled “what we can learn from esri”. And Iselectbylocation_operators

always say that with open source software, you are able to improve the stuff that you think is bad. So… I felt obligated to do so.
I hope that shortly the documentation for Select by Location is better then it used to be (I never understood the geometric predicates, and it was hardly explained in the docs), with an explanation using… an image and examples! 😉 A pull request is on it’s way. My first ever for QGIS docs…
And while I was at it, I made this small animated gif to show the most commonly used ones:

Writing documentation for QGIS is fun, but the github workflow is a bit strange for someone who is not used to code… But it can be done :-). If you need a hand, you can reach me at
Added: In the docs you will now see my first attempt on writing documentation in action:

One thought on “Select by location: hoe zit dat met die opties?

  1. In de Nederlandse vertaling wordt het niet per se makkelijker. Hier de vertaling (zoals in QGIS 3.16):

    intersect = kruisen met
    contain = bevatten
    disjoint = raakt niet
    equal = gelijk zijn aan
    touch = raken
    overlap = overlappen
    are within = zijn binnen
    cross = kruisen

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