Versie 3.5.0 van de PDOKServicesPlugin

OK, this is a short post to let the dutchies know there is a new version 3.5.0 of the PDOKServicesPlugin to load some of our national data as WMS, WFS or WCS.
For example: the GeoMorphological map of The Netherlands, or the data of the accidents that happened from 2008 till 2018. Here combined in one scary map of my surroundings:screenshot-20200619162849-1086x634
And… did you hear… “Pi is coming ….” (sinister Game of Thrones sound in the background…)
Give the ‘packagers’ some time though …

One thought on “Versie 3.5.0 van de PDOKServicesPlugin

  1. Hello all,
    I was wondering if this might be a solution for my mapping requirements. It looks like a rather laborious method to edit the types of maps that I would like to implement (fantasy maps) and I am having some questions you may be able to answer from the top of your head.
    The tool obviously uses SVG for both editing vectors and output, but I was wondering if,..
    – Is possible to have some form of interaction like linking to other content or websites exported with the SVG output or if that requires external editing? Probably the ID data gets inserted to the SVG, but will it allow to add .js and URL code as well?
    – Can you copy and paste SVG objects from for instance Inkscape directly into a layer of QGIS? That would greatly reduce the time it takes to reproduce outlines of objects using the tools available in Inkscape.
    – Does the web access module allow for collaborative editing?
    As no doubt you know, making maps can be quite a task and my interest is peaked for using the tool to have an organised access to maps larded with content that I can export different layers from to generate different maps for different types of users.
    Obviously I can do all of that in Inkscape, but that doesn’t do scale that well and would require me to generate a ton of SVG files to create the whole continent, of which I would use only small parts. It would be very nice to be able to determine location coordinates and just zoom to the relevant bits.

    1. Hi Jelle, QGIS and SVG is not a great couple. I created a simple SVG plugin (named SimpleSVG) which can export simple maps to (inkscape) svg.
      But I only updated it recently to basic funcionality in QGIS3.
      QGIS does have some web-export plugins, but not together with SVG.
      My guess: use SimpleSVG-plugin, OR the native SVG export to export to SVG and then use your own html/javascript to implement interactions.
      If you need something within the SimpleSVG plugin, just aks :0(

  2. Hoi Richard,
    Wij zijn net begonnen met QGIS en GIS in zijn algemeenheid. We willen nu de Openpdok plugin gebruiken om BAG data op te halen, maar wij krijgen het niet voor elkaar. Wij volgen deze ( instructie. Maar bij het importeren van de panden kaartlaag krijgen we een error.
    Nu zien we dat de aanroep wordt gedaan naar. maar deze lijkt geupdated naar Is dit iets wat wij zelf kunnen aanpassen of heb ik het mis en is er een ander probleem wat ons verhinderd de BAG data op te halen. Ik hoor graag van je.

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