Becoming a member is simple… (our favourite) . Fill in the form, press send, and that’s it. The secretary will send you a welcome message,the treasurer will ask you for payment.

De user group recognises three member types: personal, student and business. Contribution for personal members is 25 euro per year, for students it’s 10 euro per year. Contribution for business members is 500 euro per year. As a business member, up to five employees can make use of the membership benefits.  Businesses will be contacted for additional contact information.

It is also possible to become a ‘Sustaining member’. As a sustaining member you will have the same beneifts as a business member (up to five employees can make use of the membership benefits). The membership fee is the same or more as a Business membership fee (that is up to you), but a sustaining member has no vote at the ALV.

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